Lovely Vanity Stool

Jul 26th

Discussing about room decoration is always fun and exciting,Vanity Stool is a kind of furniture which can be categorized as room decorator. It has both fashion and function at the same time. Having a chic and lovely appearance with the special Vanity Stool Height, this special chair is usually placed in a strategic space such as living room and terrace.

Sweet Seating with Vanity Stool

Look at the style. With the height of around 50 – 65 cm, this sweet tiny Vanity Stool is lovely due to it has many creative and innovative designs. It seems that every part of the stool can be created by adding some more accents to peak the beauty and the function as well. First of all you can play more with the cover or the cushion. Further you can work more on the frame and its four legs. Many creative design and ideas can take its place.

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Mostly and generally Vanity Stool has Vanity Stool White to meet the chic look. However, the manufacturer can alternatively apply cream or even red and purple depend on the color of the frame. What about the frame material? It can be wooden or iron frame. Right under the cushion, it can be put more decorative items such as wrought iron frame or crafted wooden frame.