Lovely Birthday Cupcake Ideas

Aug 19th

Birthday cupcake ideas – are the ideas about the birthday cake that using cupcakes instead of normal cake. Birthday cupcake ideas actually pretty famous among the youngsters. Some of the people are buying cupcakes because they are cheaper than the normal cake.

They also buy the cupcakes because they look cute. We can decorate it ourselves better than the normal cake since the size is small. Besides, we can arrange the cupcakes to create certain form that we want such as heart shape, pyramid shape, and many more. Of course we need more than one cupcake to make that. In this article, we’re going to talk about some ideas about creating lovely birthday cake using cupcakes instead of normal cake.

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Many Birthday Cupcake Ideas

There are many things that you can make from cupcakes. Let’s talk about the form that we want to make. First of all is the simple one cupcake on the lovely plate. It may sounds too much, but it’s actually pretty common out there. The point is in the decoration of the cupcake. They’ll decorate the one cupcake with many creams and biscuits. There are also some people that put two or three cupcakes and decorate them. Each cupcake will have its own decoration and that’ll looks great.
The second one is create certain shape by using many cupcakes. In this case, it’s okay for not decorating the cupcakes. You just need to arrange them well. The famous shape is pyramid. You just need to put less cupcake than the lower one and end it with one cupcake on the top part. And at the top part, you put one small candle. You can buy the decorated cupcakes if you didn’t want to decorate the pyramid shaped cupcakes on your own. That sounds great, right? You need to try yourself.