Learn The Charateristic Of Panel Bed

Aug 19th

Panel bed is bed type with simple look yet still elegant. This kind of bed does not have too much decoration and can fit any room decoration genre. In fact, panel bed is special and different than any other bed type. Some people are mistaken that panel bed is the same with platform. Learn the difference and notice that panel bed is unique.

The Charateristic Of Panel Bed

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What pops on your mind when you hear panel word? Indeed it has the same meaning as panel in general. The headboard of panel bed can be seen easily and it represents panel form. Some people say that a bed without headboard is not a bed. it is really important to give a clear border between bed and wall. Headboard is the easiest solution to give border between head and wall. In the other hand, headboard also protects head to hit wall when you are sleeping. People lost their control and it is normal sometimes to accidentally hitting wall when sleeping. The same goes with children. Some children still cannot control their movements when sleeping and it is normal to see children fall down when sleeping.

Besides the headboard has panel form, what makes this bed different from others? If you observe carefully, you will notice that the divan is higher than mattress. It is the opposite of platform. On platform bed, the divan is lower so that the mattress seems to big. The panel one has higher divan so it safes more mattress and creates tidy accent.
The simple look of this bed is another benefit you can get. because it does not have too much decoration, you can fit this bed in any room theme. Furthermore, some types of this bed also have drawers on beneath in case you need extra place to store stuffs. What are you doubting for to get this bed?