Large Dog Couch

Sep 15th

Dog couch – is the special couch that designed for your dog. For human, couch has the function as place for us to sit. But for dogs, couch is like their bed. They’ll lie down and sleep on it. For the owner, it’s our job to provide things that our dog needs including a comfortable place to sleep. There are many couches that you can find in the store that may be suitable for your dog. But one thing that must be suitable for all kinds of dogs is the large couches. The large one should be better since it’s provides more spaces. For the big dogs, large sofa will be a fit place for them to sleep. And for small dogs, they’ll have a bed and place to play.

Foam Large Dog Couch

There are many types of the couch for dog. But the most popular one is the foam dog couch. It’s the typical of the couch with many foam-materials as the filler inside the couch. It has fair thickness so that your dogs will feel comfortable on it. This kind of couch is the typical of couch that you put on the floor. It’ll still give your dog warmness even though the couch is right on the floor. The price of this couch in the store is not that expensive. It’s usually around US$100-US$150.

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Large Couch Cushion

The next one is the typical of high class couch for the dog. You’ll need the chair’s frame with thick and soft cushion as the surface of the chair. In other words, it’s like the special chair for your dog. It’s not contact directly with the floor so your dog will get warmer with this couch. The cushion is also thicker than the previous one. But the price is also more expensive. It can be twice from the previous price.