L Shaped Couch for Small Living Room

Sep 13th

L shaped couch – is the couch with many sofas that put together and at the end it’ll make L shape. This kind of couch is very popular for the living room. For the big living room, this couch will be put in the middle of the room and they’ll put other furniture such as storage or desk around it. But, what’ll happen with this couch in the small living room? Well, it’s possible to get this couch in the small living room as long as we get the small size of the couch. Besides, we need to consider about the furniture in the living room too.

Arrange the L shaped couch

There are many ways to get the L shaped sofa in your living room. The first way is the easiest way; it’s to order the L shaped sofas. When the sofas came, you can then put them together so they’ll make the L shape. Another fun way to create the L shaped sofa is by order the common long straight sofa and then you can put small ottoman at the edge of the sofa to get the L shape. You can do that if you happened to have ottoman in your house and you get L shaped couch with ottoman. You can save the money with this way anyway.

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Decorate the L shaped Sofa

Even though you’ve already order the sofas for your small living room, your job is not finish yet. Since your living room is a small living room, you need to decorate it well so it’ll not look that packed. You can just put one small table in front of the sofa and one desk at the edge of the sofa. You can focus on decorating the wall instead of the room since you don’t have so much space. You can put paintings or storage on the wall to put the decorations.