Knowing the Pros and Cons of Marble Kitchen Countertops

Oct 1st

Marble kitchen countertops will give elegant and timeless look for your kitchen with classic design. It looks clear and clean for kitchen applications as countertop. But you have to ready to pay the beauty of the marble with more price. Actually, using marble as countertop also has minus values that you should know so you will have some things to consider before choosing marble countertops.

Plus and minus values using marble kitchen countertops

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Marble kitchen countertops overplus is that it will give beauty accent to your kitchen with classic design and look timeless with white color that look clear. Then it will not conduct heat so it has cool temperature so that it will not burn. This reason make marble become recommended to use in the kitchen. Marble made from natural stone so that it will not easily damage such scratches, breakage or cracks except damage by natural disaster.

If there are plus values, there are also minus values using marble countertops. Marble may become heat resistant but if you put hot materials on the marble surface, the marble may be damage because it contact with hot material directly. If you using marble as your countertops, do not put hot material in it surface to avoid being damage. Then marble can also stained, red wine or fruits can be cause the stain on the marble.

To keep your marble countertop always clean and in good condition you have to clean it regularly. Marble is easy to clean, you just need to have to mix warm water and dish soap to clean it. Then spray the counter with water and dish soap mixture and wipe it with wet dish cloth. If you are finish to wipe it then you have to dry the countertop with dry absorbent towel to finish it.