Knife and Darts Mounted Coat and Hat Racks

Aug 3rd

Hat racks and coat racks can actually build into one modular racks, or hanger, without losing the function of each other and moreover, minimize the amount of space you will need for the series of racks. The more advantage is that when you are now into hanging your coat or your hat, the mounted racks and hanger can become the additional decoration in your wall. Another perks, it will not be seen as only sticking up some hooks on the wall, something too “industry” for you maybe, so here you go some wall mounted idea of coat and hat racks that will never bored you!

Thrilling Knife Mounted Hat Racks

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For you who like thriller movie and maybe sort of ninja scene in action film, you will love this design. We are actually a little bit gender preference here as the knives doesn’t really fit with the girls life, but anyway, feel free to apply if in your house, though. The idea is just like the hook on the wall, having the knives stick on your wall like someone just threw it trying to catch you but could make it, kind of funny for the guests maybe, but it gives your room artistic thrilling hat hanger. If you like to make a rack from it, place two or three knives in a line and put a wooden shelf above it. The knives will support the shelf and allows you to put your fedora and hang the coat in another mounted knife. The darts works just the same as knives, just a little bit more universal.

Welcoming the Christmas with a new coat hanger and hat rack is good point for new decoration. Vivid console rack with 4 cubicles in one square shelf painted in green and white edge, plus the leafless tree of coat hanger next to it in dark brown color. For some Christmas touch simply put red and gold decoration or mistletoe to the racks and you are good to go.