Kitchen Rug Set Ideas

Oct 4th

Kitchen rug set – had big impact to simply improves the look of your kitchen and make it more comfortable and friendly. You can always combine your favorite pattern, color, palettes, and even size of the rug. It is way easier than you think, because the main point of placing rug set is to make you feel more comfortable. It is your own kitchen, anyway!

How to choose the kitchen rug set?

As simple as we discuss before, first you will take a good look on the spaces in your kitchen. What type is it? Peninsula, or walk in Island Kitchen? Check also your pattern of the floor, is it wooden palette? Is it cold castle type stone? Or is it clean white ceramic? The third is mind your choice of color in kitchen. Don’t get yourself stuck in a festive kitchen with typical country style and bohemian rug. It won’t fit well. But we won’t bet on it. Now let’s check some rugs type that might be suitable for you lovely kitchen.

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Long runner style. This type of rug will be perfect with a long walk in double tall cabinet kitchen. You can choose to cover most of the floor surface or simply the main line, while the short one can be placed right where you need it the most, for example under the electric stove, grill, or serving table. What a comfortable kitchen rug set!
Colorful rug, is typical rug that you need in a small homey country kitchen where you don’t really have big space. This will be a vocal point where you stand on it and baking a cup cake for family!
Simple rounded rug. When your home main attraction is on the lightning and you see your kitchen has enough light already to give the clean effect, try some old thick rounded rug made from soft straw. This will add friendly image in your kitchen. Not to mention warming your feet up by the winter!