Japanese Platform Bed and Bedroom Furniture

Aug 15th

Japanese platform bed is the typical of platform bed that using Japanese style. Japanese style is a popular style that you can find anywhere even in the Western. In fact, Japanese style can be considered as something that really popular in the world. For the youngsters, they really like the unique style of Japanese fashion that mostly inspired by anime or manga. But for the adults, they usually prefer the calm and nature-like style from the Japanese house for the house design. And it’s the same case for the bed and bedroom furniture. You can use the Japanese style for the bed and bedroom furniture.

Decorating Your Japanese Platform Bed

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The main point from the Japanese platform bed style or bedroom is the simple and nature-friendly. For the bed, since the theme is platform bed, you can use the platform type bed frame in Japanese style. You can get that from the store. The bed frame is usually uses solid wood with the natural wood color. As for the bed, you can just use the simple white colored bed cover with light colored blanket such as blue blanket or light green blanket. You can put pillows or no pillows on your bed; just make sure that you don’t put many pillows on it.

For the decorations, you can use small plants with wooden vases for the decorations. Don’t put many decorations too because the theme is simple. You can put small storage for the furniture since you may need it. It’s better to have your closet in different room so you can get simple bedroom with bed and small storage only. You can get the flooring and wall decoration in Japanese style to get more of Japanese vibe in your bedroom. Japanese style has its own flooring idea and wallpaper style for the Japanese bedroom walls.