Indian bedding for Your Bed

Aug 15th

Indian bedding is the way to decorate your bed with Indian style. India is one of the countries that have so many cultures including the culture designs or ethnic designs. India has many design patterns that you can see from their traditional fabric or clothes. They also have special fabric such as sari fabric that really popular around the world. But that’s not the only thing that India has. India has many other designs and patterns for their clothes that have been copied for the blankets and bed covers for bedding. This time, we’ll talk about the design or the pattern that you can find in the store as the blanket pattern or bed coved pattern.

Indian bedding Pattern Designs

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There are many interesting things from Indian style. First of all, Indian style usually uses many colors or colorful theme for their fabric design or pattern. Second, Indian style usually prefer the full pattern style rather than the simple design with not many patterns on the fabric. And those are the common things that we’ll find when we want to buy the Indian bedding. There’s a pattern called Village Kantha that has mainly flower patterns with the leaves in pink and orange color. The layout of the fabric is using white color so you can get bright look from this pattern. There are some stores that selling bedspreads with this patterns as the designs. The price is usually around US$30.00.

If you prefer something calmer, you can actually find it in the Indian style too. There are some blankets and bedcovers that using the dark colored layout with kind of bright color for the pattern. Like the dark blue color for the layout with pink colored Indian flower patterns. Even though the patterns are in pink color, but the blue color makes the pattern looks kind of darker and calmer.