How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror Easily

Jul 29th

How to frame a bathroom mirror – having a mirror inside the bathroom for modern people nowadays is kind of a must. There are many reasons that support the necessity of mirror in the bathroom. Just like we all know that nowadays, people do all the dressing activity in the bathroom. It is started from the bath taking, hair doing, make up, up to shaving the unwanted body hair in the bathroom. To do all of that activities, people need the existence of mirror inside the bathroom to help them ease do their dressing activities inside the bathroom. Having a mirror on the bathroom wall should be done with several things.

Steps on How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror Easily

We know that, mirror can be a dangerous thing if we don’t process it in the way it can be save enough to be used. Let’s take an example to make it clearer. We know that the edge of the mirror is commonly sharp and can hurt you anytime if you are not aware and careful. Anytime you accidently touch it, you will get hurt and bleeding. Thus, it is important to protect the edge of the bathroom mirror. Here we are going to tell you the easiest step to frame the mirror in bathroom.

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The first is you have to do is selecting the materials that you are going to use. There are many kind of material options which can be used as the bathroom mirror frame. The easiest one is the wooden. You can find it easily. Then after that, you can continue with calculating the size based on the mirror edges’ size. After that, cut the wood in order of the calculated size. You have to make sure that you cut the wood tidily. After that, stick the wood frame on the mirror edge. You can use both glue or nails.