How to Decorate Around Blue Velvet Couch

Oct 12th

Blue velvet couch – is a cute design and elegant if you can decorate it well in your home and combine it with the right furniture choice. The decor, materials, and the colors that surround main piece furniture may make or even break the vibe of entire room. Although you would not think that a blue couch may be difficult to be decorated around, the wrong palette can make the furnishing disappear from the background or it causes the space to feel blue and boring. Consider in every aspect of the space area to pull the harmoniously together.

The Consideration to Decorate Around Blue Velvet Couch

The first is from the unexpected touched. When you love with everything modern, an unexpected twist there and here will thwart the boredom which is brought on by too much the good thing. A blue couch will offer likely a classic feel, regal; for the ultra-up-to-date space, stark or crisp, sprinkle in two or three for more nostalgic niceties. For instance, if the fireplace needs to have a facelift, make it look older than newer by giving the distressing a mantle and wooden hearth – worn and off-white paint provides the age idea. Sift through the antique shops, it is used building-supply stores and looked for the old building demolition offering a public salvage to create the right stained-glass piece, the antique sign, the weathered door or the window to work in the simplistic, a vintage art.

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The second is from the feature wall. What are behind your blue velvet couch furniture is as important as that you place around and keep the sofa from the disappearing of the background. For the couch that backs into a feature wall, you may think that the furnishing is as art and the wall’s design or color as a frame. For example, cream or white wallpaper with a large geometric pattern which can pick up the couch’s hue to the chair and several complementary art overheads take the precedence.