How to Add French Provincial Furniture as Home Decor

Aug 5th

French provincial furniture can declare perfectly French provincial flair into your home. Among some essential factors to accentuate the mood, the furniture plays a pivotal role. However, you need first to know the characteristic of a furniture that has French provincial flavor on it. When you trace back, this kind of style is quite famous within 17th to 18th century. You may find the combination of stunning craftsmanship and luxury in any part of it. More, this a home with French provincial offers warmth and comfortableness for its homeowner which makes it as a perfect family space.

What is French Provincial Furniture

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Your mission to style your home with French provincial will be pointless, if you fail to describe what French provincial furniture is. To begin with, it is essential for you to understand typical material and finish that commonly are used to style a French provincial home. Similar with rustic home decor, wooden furniture becomes the key factor of a French provincial home decor. But you must left the idea about adding weathered furniture. White, taupe, muted gray, and some other natural colors are used to paint a furniture with French provincial charm.

When a furniture that you choose is something like dresser or some, then it will be ornate with glass handles, decorative mold, or brass. For something like upholstered furniture, you may find thin strips and floral pattern on it. There are always be soft and fluffy throw pillows as part of seating piece. As it speaks, something like ornamental chaise lounge, beautiful mirror, wrought iron piece like wall clock, lavish arm chairs, wooden table are some common furniture to decorate a French provincial home. The basic concept of French provincial home decor is to mix properly the beauty of nature with some luxury taken from its refined finish to shape both antique feel and femininity.