Gift Wrap Organizer behind Your Door

Aug 4th

Gift wrap organizer might be something that you need if you love to collect some gift-wraps in your house. That is because not all of the people have this kind of organizer in their house since they tend to buy the gift-wrap just before they want to use it. However, that is not a big deal since you can also have the nice looking decoration if you want to use the organizer for your gift-wraps behind your doo. However, how can you do that? Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Making Gift Wrap Organizer as Nice Door Decoration

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The first thing that you need to do is to prepare two wooden bars that you will use as the main side frame for the organizer. After you have the bars, you will need many sticks that you will use later on to make sure that the gift wraps will not fall down to the floor. For the sticks, it will be better for you to pick the metal material such as the stainless steel with the maximum diameter of 1mm or less. That is because the bigger material will hide the colorful color of the gift-wrap that you want to use as the decoration.

After everything is ready, you just need to put the two bars on the safe distance for the gift wrap organizer as decoration behind the door. After that, you will need to glue all of those sticks that you need to use as the main frame to keep all of the gift-wraps safe. After that process is finished, you just need to wait for few hours until the glue is dried and you can directly place the organizer behind the door and put all of your gift-wraps between the door and the frames from the organizer that you have made. Pick the color for the gift-wrap nicely.