Getting to Know Better with Oak Bar Stools

Oct 19th

Oak bar stools – are high oak stools that are designed to complete the look of a bar. Not only being interested through its seemingly flawless oak material, the stools are often equipped with additional cushions or seat to offer coziness. Frequently, oak bar stools are compared with metal bar stools. As for us, there shouldn’t be such thing because each of them has their own excellence. However, wooden bar stools like the oak ones are more flexible for any theme or décor of a space. In addition, wooden bar stools are also compatible both for personal and commercial uses.

3 Tips on Taking Care of Oak Bar Stools

You must want these bar stools to be your worthy investment, and thus you have to be aware of how to maintain its good quality. There are 3 ways we’ve prepared for you to apply in order to clean and keep the premium bar stools characteristic. It all can be begun with the basic cleaning phase, when you are ought to perform it regularly to ensure longevity. Don’t use water-based soaps. Indeed, use oil-based soaps, especially those specifically aimed to clean wooden bar stools. Remove dirt first with soft-bristled brush then try cleaning with soft cloth.
Secondly, do varnishing and oiling. Since all furniture has the chance to age, bring back the spark of your wooden bar stools by sanding down the old varnish and fading, and then put on the new coat. If you find the oak drying, that’s when you must oil your stools.
Finally, best way to preserve the maximum wooden bar stools condition is to avoid exposure. Never do the extremes to the stools, such as placing it around direct-sunlit place, or area with excessive cold. Cover them, or simply situate them in a shadier spot. Plus, don’t make any contact for the wooden bar stools with water.

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