Galley Kitchen Ideas for Your Minimalist Kitchen

Oct 13th

Galley kitchen ideas help you to make the great space in the narrow kitchen. When you have small kitchen, you should creative to make it can be looked like the other luxury kitchen. The ideas for the galley kitchen can be found in the internet and there are many types of galley kitchen. The galley kitchen is different type of kitchen, it has two apparel walls and there is narrow space in the middle. The one wall contains of kitchen furniture with the sink and the cabinet, the other wall is the furniture which contains stove and cabinet also. It is very simple and unique; it also can make you easy to wash the material for cooking whiles you turning off the stove to cook. The narrow space in the middle of two wall parts can be made with the interesting design.

The Space in Galley Kitchen Ideas

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The galley kitchen space can be made to be more interesting. You can use the combination between the space flooring ideas, the kitchen lighting, and the furniture. The cream color of the flooring tile, then you can use the grey or brown cabinets. For the cabinet you should choose the one color for the two cabinet to make it nice looking, because use to much color will make the kitchen full color and it is very bad. Using calm color is important because the kitchen is place for cooking; it does not used to play or other activity that need light color.

Galley kitchen ideas lighting fixtures is also the important consideration for your kitchen. The ideas for kitchen lighting can the shape of light and the place of light. In the galley kitchen, you can use the circle lamp above the space floor in the middle of two cabinets, it will makes your kitchen has enough lighting because the place of the light in the middle of the kitchen room. The lighting also can be used to decorate the galley kitchen and make it more interesting.