DVD Rack in Modern and Unique Designs

Aug 1st

DVD Rack for some people is still required to manage their collection of DVD / CD or some file saver. Maybe not many people still buy the DVD or CD of movie or album, unless you are a big fan of some musician and artist, but currently, we can say the DVD or CD is more into the working utensils to keep files save. Nevertheless, the need of good styled DVD racks is not something odd. It is part of the room and that’s why it is also need a little attention on design and model. Fortunately, there are many inventors of modern and unique DVD rack nowadays, without worrying where to store your DVD, here are some nice options.

DNA Helix and Human Holder of DVD Rack

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With the idea of Human DNA Helix, this DVD rack is nailing the modern geeky style without being too much in spacing. Designed in series of short half helix rack, you can combine 2-3 racks to see how the DNA helix looks like. Standing tall and full of your CD collection, this amazing modern and unique rack will steal the attention once someone walks into your room. Doesn’t need too much color, the DNA Helix racks come in solid white, knowing that the DVD would already give touch of color to the appearance. Looks simple, vivid, and modern at the same time!

If you love something artsy style, something modern but still have a humor in the design, we recommend you to take a look on the Human Holder DVD Racks design, perfect to be placed on the table or wall mounted shelf, the Human Holder is to be functional and decorate the room. Sufficient for around 7 DVD case, the Human Holder is designed as the man is trying to lifting the big rack of DVD holders. All colored in chalk black which also adds more artsy touch as if the DVD holder is made from the stone, regarding the less of shines from it.