Does your kid need a Wooden Play Kitchen?

Oct 2nd

Wooden play kitchen – may be a perfect gift for your little girl. By ages of 5-7 they use to copy what their Mommy uses to do, especially some kitchen activity. Some of you will think it is a nice “Welcome Summer” gift to encourage her curiosity and invite some of her friends to play together. Increase her grouping ability. But, first of all, does she really need a wooden kitchen?

Points to consider on wooden play kitchen

A kitchen set for kids wouldn’t be s one day toy, it may take weeks, months, or even years till your little girl actually stops playing with it, so since its durability of usage is quite long, before buying you better have some research and observation on this little wooden play kitchen.

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Make sure that your daughter would love to play with it. Not all of the little girl have same interest on playing “cooking” game. Maybe your daughter would love to paint more, or maybe play outside with her cousin and brothers, who knows if she likes swimming more, or probably other type of hobby that you might not expect before. Pretty sure you don’t want to come home with this wooden kitchen and find out it stored for the rest of the summer after a week she gets bored of it. So better try to see how she acts toward this kitchen toy first.

The second is about price. When you are sure about buying your daughter a wooden kitchen, be ready to know the price. It won’t be sky high like your real kitchen set, but it also won’t as cheap as getting her a new doll. Make sure you know it worth the price and you have enough space to store it before you resell it for second hand market.