DIY Jewelry Organizer with the Frame Style

Aug 4th

DIY jewelry organizer might be something that many teenage girls love to have. That is because with the nice looking organizer for all of their jewelries, they can find if they want to wear the specific jewelries. As an addition to that, the nice looking jewelry organizer can also be considered as the personal achievement for many of them. Therefore, if you really want to have the best from your jewelry organizer, you might need to make one on your own. The process is not that hard to do after all.

Process in Making DIY Jewelry Organizer

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If you want to have the simple one, then the framing organizer for your jewelries can be considered as the simples and easiest one that you need. As the beginning, you will need a plank or a wooden board with the average size of folio paper. After you have that, you will need the wooden bar that you need to use as the outer frame for the jewelry organizer. The next step that you need to do is to cut the bars based on the length and width of the board that you have to use as the background for the organizer.

The next step of DIY jewelry organizer that you need to do is to glue all of the bars that you have cut before to make the frame. After that, you just need to glue the frame into the boards and everything is done. However, you need to make sure that you already put some strings between the widths of the frame that you will use as the hanger. Those strings are used for hanging your necklace. If you ever need some more hangers on the organizer, then you can add some corks for your rings or any other jewelries that you might have. So, what do you think about making your own organizer?