DIY Cork Board Ideas

Aug 18th

Cork Board Ideas – – When you tend to makeover your room, you may consider creating cork board in your own and then hang it on the wall. There are so many ideas that you can get when creating do – it – yourself project. Whatever the function of your cork board, you should have the best one for your room. Either you create it for placing how do to list or for placing other decorative ideas, it is actually based on your preference.

Cork Board Ideas for You

One of the common used of cork board is to place to do list, paper quote or even photos and pictures. Well, if you want to create it to function that way, you may create only a rectangular cork board and then stick it to the wall. However, you may want to have something different rather than the simplest one. For instance, if you have lots of wine cork, you can use it to create a board and then use it as decorative thing and functional for the same time. You can just order it to have rectangular shape. Then, you can also add a frame or just leave it unframed.
Furthermore, if you want to create cork board that can be used for other function than to do list place or photos place, you may like to perform it as your necklace and bracelet place. In this idea, you can create a panel display for the cork board by using four rectangular cork boards. You can paint the cork board with unique pattern to make it more beautiful. And do not forget to apply nails or something that can be used to hang your necklace and bracelet. Well, these DIY cork board ideas certainly will make you possible to make it by yourself.

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