Design Ideas to Decor A Handicap Bathroom

Aug 1st

Handicap bathroom – is necessary when one of your family member or perhaps you can’t move easily due to physical illness or in special need condition. As it is for people who deal with hassle to move in standard bathroom, when you design this typical bathroom, even though you want to decorate it beautifully, accessibility must be your top priority. Anyway, remodel a standard bathroom to disability bathroom, you increase the value of life of your family member with this special circumstance. In truth, there are some challenges to conquer. If you have no idea where to start some ideas here somehow will be helpful.

Layout Ideas for Handicap Bathroom

Designing a handicap bathroom, you need to think about the bathroom entry first. You know, it will be useful if you concentrate so much to decorate the things inside but in the end it can’t be used since you forget to put the right dimension for it. The width of bathroom should be around 34 inches at least. However, if the space is super tiny, then ensure the entry is sufficient enough for the wheelchair to turn effortlessly. After that, you can move to the inside part of the bathroom.

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As they use shower to clean up themselves, you can’t simply choose the same shower installation to them. Something like hand held shower or curb-less shower stall are good to consider. Just like standard bathroom, this kind of bathroom needs mirror. Hang the mirror by adjusting the height of the person who use it in a seating position. Toilet location is also important. Install two support bars between the toilet so then, they won’t deal with such a hassle when using it. The last thing to bear in mind is about the distance below the sink. Commonly it will be about 27 inches below the sink. But you can customize it depending on your needs.