Decorating a Small Living Room with Brown Sofa

Aug 12th

Brown sofa – is very suitable to decorate your small living room. The living room which the first place that gets your guest attention, should look great. But small size may be a problem because you cannot decorate it in many ways. Also the furniture use will influence the comfort which offers. A brown colored sofa is one of furniture you can match to your small living room. The color will make the room feel both warm in winter and cozy cold in summer.

How to match brown sofa to your living room interior

To work with this sofa, you need some features such as dark brown curtains and light walls. The dark brown curtains will stand out along with the sofa. To make the living room look spacious, you can modify your walls by using lighter colors such as green and blue. This dark and light combination will offer your room trendy appearance. You can also use white in the ceiling to make it look brighter.
If you still feel tight in your living room look, you may set the dark curtains with lighter valance on the top. You can use white or cream color on the valance so the curtains will bring soft pallete. Also let the curtains touch the floor to make them more casual.
Let the dark accent speaks by giving the room dark colored ornaments, arts and statues. But keep it balance with some lighter and elegant accessories such as mirror, white light candles and glass floral vases.
You also can match the sofa with other furniture such as glass table, white bookshelves, and other lighter furniture. The glass table will provide of openness accent. And the white wood bookshelves will give an entertainment layout of the living room. Just keep the rest of the furnishings lighter and contrast from the dark sofa and curtains. This will make the living room look wider even though the size is small.

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If you are going to decorate your small living room, you can use brown sofa. The sofa will stand out with colorful interior.