Cool Country Kitchen Designs

Sep 10th

Country kitchen designs – are the designs of the kitchen in country theme. Country theme is really authentic because it has its own color of the countryside house. You can only see some of the designs in the countryside houses when you see the designs in the modern house that using country theme.

There are many ideas about the new innovation of the country themed kitchen. But the most popular one will be the modern country kitchen theme. This new theme is mixing the country feels with modern furniture and designs. You can still see the authentic designs of the classic kitchen but with modern furniture and room in general. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the kitchens that have modern country designs.

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Modern Country Kitchen Designs

There’s a fresh-looking kitchen that has modern furniture and modern model at the first time we seeing it. It’s using white color for painting the wall and ceilings. You can also see the white colored kitchen set inside the room. There are also things that usually used in the modern kitchen such as simple shelves arrangement, and wooden flooring in light brown color. But you’ll change your mind when you see the kitchen table in the middle of the kitchen. It has an old yet classic kitchen table look and two tall yet slim chairs. Those are things that we can only see in the country themed kitchen. But now, we can see it in the modern based kitchen. That’s actually great combination, right?
The second one is the modern country kitchen designs that we get from Sharyn Cairns Photography. We can see from the general view point that this kitchen is using modern theme with white colored wall and ceilings. But we can easily spot the kitchen cabinet in country style. The kitchen cabinet was using old green paint that you usually seeing used by countryside houses. That’s really authentic of the country kitchen.