Contemporary Rattan Dining Chairs

Aug 13th

Rattan Dining Chairs – are the chairs that are using rattan as the basic material of the chair. Many people using rattan as the material because it’s easy to be folded and it can make many kinds of shapes. And that’s a good thing for the design of the chair. But of course they’ll not using rattan only for the chair.

Rattan may be flexible but it’s not as strong as other regular woods such as walnut, oak, and so on. This time we’re going to talk about some chairs that sell in EBay. EBay is a famous shop that supplies furniture and decorations that related to home and design. They won’t disappointing you with their products.

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Contemporary Rattan Dining Chairs

Since rattan is basically wood, it’ll the contemporary feels just like other woods. That’s why the following products are in contemporary design too. Let’s start with the first product. The first rattan chair is called Rattan Dining Chairs ECO Handmade Wicker Thick Cushions. This chair is using rattan for almost all parts of the chair since the chair is fully decorated. They give a wide back support with beautiful rattan decorations so that you’ll feel comfortable to sit on it. They also use round-shaped cushion for the round-shaped chair’s surface in the peach color, similar to the brown color of the chair. You can buy the chair for US$146.99.

Let’s move on to the second chair. The second one is called 4 of 10 Bamboo Dining Chairs with Rattan Patio Wicker 4 Modern Porch. This chair is using less rattan than the first one. They use bamboo to create the tropical view of the chair and rattan as the decorations for the back support of the chair. This chair was supposed to be used at the patio or near the swimming pool. You can buy this chair for US$299.00. You can go to EBay website and do free shipping for these chairs.