Comfortable Quilted Headboard

Aug 18th

Quilted headboard – is the typical of headboard that filled with thick soft material which is sewn in place. This headboard usually use the sofa-like fabric and it’s sewn on some parts just like the sofas. The difference is that this one used on the bed. This kind of headboard is pretty popular for the big sized bed and the typical of simple yet elegant bed. It’s because the model and the sewn of its headboard is very suitable for the simple or elegant bedroom themes. In this article, we’re going to give you some examples of the headboard that using this model.

Rectangular Shaped of Quilted Headboard

The first model is the rectangular shaped of quilted headboard. This model is using the basic rectangular shape for the shape of the headboard. There is a headboard called X-Nail Headboard by Mercury Row. This rectangular shaped headboard has the typical of elegant headboard with thick materials as the filling and it’s sewn with two X shapes on the headboard. The color of the headboard is dark grey; it’ll look great in the grey themed bed or white themed bed. This headboard is the example of the headboard that will look really great in the modern or elegant themed bedroom.

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The next model is called curled shaped headboard. It’s actually has similar design and look with the previous headboard. The difference is on the shape of the upper line of the headboard. The previous one has straight line of rectangular while this one has curled shape of its upper line. There are many of this headboards that sewn in dots design so itÂ’ll look better. This model and the previous model have the typical of elegant headboards. The point is in the color and the sewn that makes the headboard looks better for the elegant theme.