Circle Couch and Half Circle Couch

Sep 16th

Circle couch – is the couches that put together to form circle form. In the living room, we may found many kinds of forms of sofa or couch as the result of the sofa’s arrangement. The shape of the chair is still the same, but the arrangement that makes it looks different. But you still need to order the sofa that specially used for this form if you can get the ideal sofa shapes to create circle form. In this article, we’ll specifically talk about the circle form and half circle form. Both are quite unique, not many people are using this kind of arrangement. And that’s what makes the two arrangements interesting.

Almost Fully Circle Couch

When we talk about the circle arrangement, we can’t fully get the circle form. It’s because it’ll be hard to get in and sit down in that kind of situation. It may be still all right if our close friends or our family are the guests. But if the guests are from office or other business partners, that’s not a good idea to welcome them. That’s why there are maximum forms that we can get from this arrangement. It’s based on the number of your sofas. If you have 10 sofas but you actually need 12 to create full circle couch, it means that you get 10 per 12 circle form.
Half Circle Sofa

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The next model is the popular one. It’s the half circle sofa. This form is really popular since the half circle form since when you see the sofas, it looks kind of open to welcome you. Usually, they’ll use this kind of sofa in a big space living room and put a big TV screen in front of the half circle sofa. This kind of couch is very suitable for the family gathering since they can sit together and watching TV or DVD together.