Choosing Egyptian Furniture for Your Home

Sep 28th

Egyptian furniture for lovers of architecture or the art of Egypt will certainly be very pleased with the design to be applied in their homes. Usually the room that often uses this theme is a bedroom or den. This will bring a lot of ideas so you will not feel bored. The unique shape and carvings are also the main attraction of this theme. Usually there is an image or a lion-shaped carving typical of the era of ancient Egyptian carvings that have profound significance.

Egyptian furniture design ideas

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The idea that you can pour, among others, the selection of furniture such as chairs, beds, desks, mirrors and dressers, and many others. If you want, you can also use a bed with a curtain, such as during the days of the ancient Egyptians were very antique. The dominant color of this design is that the shiny gold color and impressed elegant and expensive. You can use window blinds are very large and magnificent for you to use on your window curtain.

Other forms that you can use are the curved shape at one part of the chair or your bed. In addition, you can also put a small table with a round surface of the glass with his foot buffer of statues of cats three cats were back to back. This is very typical cat statue with ancient Egyptian royal or arguably cat with kind sphinx today.
The idea of a combination of Egyptian furniture is indeed making room in your house into a very unique and makes you feel how powerful Egyptian shades on your home is. You can also combine with a large carpets, rugs and thick to give the impression of luxury and elegance. Hopefully the above information can be useful and inspiring to you who are decorating your home with unique Egyptian theme.