Chaise couch with Ottoman

Aug 17th

Chaise couch – is the typical of long low seat with an arm at one side. It’s usually has a low back along half its length and let the rest without back board. It’s pretty long that you can use it to lie down or stretch out your legs. There are many innovations for coach. This model is the result of the innovation. These days, some designers came out with new idea about combine this chaise lounge with ottoman. And the result is expectedly great. This combination is really great since both chaise lounge and ottoman have low seat type. In this article, we’re going to talk about what the designers do with the two kinds of chair.

L-shaped Chaise Couch with Ottoman

The first model is the combination of the chaise lounge with ottoman that forms L-shaped chaise couch. As mentioned before that ottoman and chaise lounge have the same low seats. In this case, they can be used in the same level as chair in your living room. You can just put the ottoman right above the edge of the chaise lounge and it’s already in L-shaped. That’s simple, right? If your ottoman has small size, you can put two of them.

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This time, we combine the chaise lounge and ottoman with different level. We use the chaise couch as the chair but ottoman as the table. Ottoman has already popular to be used as table. And this time, we’ll use the ottoman as table for chaise lounge. And the result is a great look of new living room model. Many people think that it’ll not that good since both have similar height. But it’s not true. The similar height is matching the design as well as the function. You won’t have problem with the same height chair and table, right?