Cartoon Characters Colors for Girls Room Paint Ideas

Sep 22nd

Girls room paint ideas – is many ideas for the colors of the girl’s room. Girl’s room is very private for her, and girls room is place for express their feeling like cry, write something on diary book, sleep, and other activities that they are want to be alone. Sometimes girls invite their friend to stay on their rooms. They will tell their feeling to their friend in their rooms. The room is very important to girl, so that they will be decorating their room very beautiful. The decoration of the room includes the paint color of the wall. Girls usually prefer to pink color, it show their girly character and pink means cute. The pink color will be the color of the girly room, and there are also many dolls in girl’s room.

Barbie’s Character Girls Room Paint Ideas

Girls are connecting with feminism, cute, and interesting. Barbie’s character can be one of girl’s room ideas design for their room. The Barbie character is dominant with pink color. Pink will be interest some people. Pink color is symbols of feminism and soft, and it will be make the comfort feeling when they were in their rooms. You can use pink on the wall, the top of the room, and also you can use pink paint color for the furniture in the room. The room will look cute and soft and it is appropriate with the girl character. You can also add the Barbie wallpaper on the room; it will give the cute girl impression.

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Besides Barbie character, you can also use the other character of girls favorite. The example is Cinderella and purple color. For the teenager’s maybe they do not like the cartoon character again, they will be using Eiffel wallpaper or vintage design in their room and white or cream colors.