Camel Back Sofa in Formal Living Room

Aug 6th

Camel back sofa – is a great choice to bring the formal essence to the living room. It has back shapes like a camel’s hump just like the name. This model is suitable to use for interior especially for formal and conservative style. It will give you a classic ambience in your living room, it has special characteristic at the back that will give light impression.
Investing furniture in this style will give you timeless furniture in your house. The style always becomes up to date and never going to be ancient. It is prove from the existence of camel back that still used and still popular from the 18th century until today. Moreover now, with the development of the construction and material make this kind of sofa not only offer the classic style but also offers the modern style that will suitable for today’s lifestyle.

Camel back sofa’s selection

Style of camel back sofa has a flexible style, it can shows from the leg and arms construction. You can suit the style and construction depend on your taste and room decoration. It can build from leather and also fabric. If you choose leather as an option, you will get the luxury detail in your living room with polished leather. Using fabric materials give you more option of the style because it has many motifs that can be choose from fabric and will give a modern impression.

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You can match the color and the motif according to your personality and room style. This sofa comes in various options for the number of seater, it can be two or four seater. If you want to seat more people you can choose the four seater, but it is possible to add extra seat in different style to give variation in your living room.

Camel back sofa may be the great option to bring the formal ambience in the living room and now become modern. You can choose the style and selection depend on your style.