Bunk Beds With Stairs, Bunk Beds Which Guarantee Safaty

Aug 19th

Bunk beds with stairs are new look for bunk bed. it is the different concept especially on the stairs. If ordinary bunk bed only has stairs which cannot guarantee your kids safety, this new bunk bed look can. Since it is stairs, you do not have to worry your child will slip away while climbing and putting their feet one by one. the stairs are safe since it has border on the edge to prevent your child sleep away. In the other hand, this kind of bunk bed also has double function. The side of stairs can be used as drawers or lockers where you children put their stuffs.

The Advantages Of Having Bunk Beds With Stairs

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Bunk beds are brilliant concept to save space yet teaching your children to watch and get along one another. The concept of bunk beds with stairs firstly mentioned since there were many accidents of child slept away when tried to climb up on bunk bed. indeed, children movement is not as good as adult and it is kind of normal to slip away. However, some children are badly injured and to prevent any same case, stairs were created on bunk bed to help children climb up.

As said before, this kind of bunk bed is way safer than ordinary bunk bed. however, it is abit space consuming since the length is quiet big compared to ordinary bunk bed. this kind of bunk bed commonly made out of woods since woods are the only materials which suit this concepts. However, another bunk beds are made out of plastic or steel. Please note that in this case, a plastic bunk bed is safer than steel one since steel is pretty hard material and quiet heavy compared to others. In conclusion, the wooden bunk bed is the best in case it has stairs.