Built in Bunk Beds for Efficiency Usage of Bedroom Space

Aug 12th

Built in bunk beds is now popular as the bedding installation ideas for bedroom which is stayed by more than one occupant because by using this way of bedding ideas, in a bedroom it can be installed at least two sets of bedding. The position is, one of the bedding sets located where the normal bedding set should be and another one is located above it. Yes, slightly, it is pretty similar with the model of double bedroom that we used to see them in the kinds of dormitory or in the bedroom that belongs for the twins. Only, there are several differences with this one.

Built in Bunk Beds Ideas

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One of the differences between this kind of bedding with the old of bedding that looks similar is in the way of the secondary bedroom be installed. In in the old model of the bedding, the secondary bedding is placed above the main bedding by connect it with the framework of the bedding set itself, this one comes differently. Even the secondary bedding is still on the above of the main bedding, the way it is installed is by installing it on the wall, so there will be no framework connect those two beds.

The next difference is, that this kind of bedding cannot be moved since they stuck on the wall of the bedroom permanently. This build in bunk beds ideas are suitable to be applied in the kind of bedroom that has not great space but need to contain more than one bedding in it. Sometimes, the design of this kid of bedding is using the wall. It is pretty difficult to explain it so you better go browse the picture to get to know. As you can see, this is one of the ways to efficiency the sage of the bedroom space smartly.