Bring the Artistic and Unique View with Tuscan Kitchen Décor

Oct 9th

Tuscan kitchen décor – will make your kitchen look artistic and unique. It looks old-fashioned but there is a beautiful and elegant view instead. Tuscan décor bring your kitchen in different style and warmth that will make you feel comfort and relax to stay in the kitchen and prepare your day.

You can feel the welcoming style of Tuscan with natural light from the window or dim light inside, the rustic furniture that make it looks perfect, natural decoration such flower, and the warmth natural paint color will make you like to stay so long in the kitchen. Choosing Tuscan style for the kitchen can be a great option to bring comfortable and build the kitchen beauty.

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Create Tuscan kitchen décor

You can distinct you Tuscan décor from the kitchen wall and floor. You can paint your wall with white or another warm color that looks simple. Tuscan backsplash has important role to build the strong view in the wall decoration with white or artistic patterned tiles. You can also décor the wall with mural or paint it with outdoor color to add countryside Tuscan accent such deep rusty red, yellow, terra cotta and green. Hanging the Tuscan wall art also can be a great idea.

You can put floor tile with ornamental or painted tiles and look how it will work perfectly.
The furniture in Tuscan style usually designed naturally in rustic with no paint. The table and chair using unpainted wood and shows the natural color of them. If you want the furniture in colored, you can paint them in warm and neutral color such white, cream, vanilla, and dark green or blue. They will work and match with the Tuscan decoration. You can add Tuscan kitchen décor accessories such curtain, ornamental vases, candle holder and ornamental dining tools.