Boring With Normal Easter Cake Idea?

Sep 19th

Easter cake idea – is changing along the way people gets more and more creative to invent some additional brand new cake model, topping, and flavor. Year by year, we basically taste the same cake, the same texture, and almost the same flavor of Easter cake. Hmm, will that be fine to try something out? Maybe, try something different? This will be really good for you to consider having the best idea for making Easter even more fun.

Easter cake ideas from far away land

It is actually not a sin to celebrate Easter with your family with different type of Easter cake. After all, everyone loves cake, especially in Easter eve. So let’s check this Russian Easter Cake Idea.
Russia has known well with their different culture and long history of celebration. They have their own “Snow Princess” instead of Santa, different dishes and drink for basically the same celebration from us. Maybe Russian dish can freeze a bit of our warm Easter eve.
Kulich, is the name of Russian Easter cake that use to be served by the Orthodox believer. The feast that is brought by Kulich is shown by the topping and combination inside this semi-sweet cake. There are nuts, candied fruits, almonds, and saffron. On the top of Kulich, we put white sweet foam made from butter and white egg, then put topping on it. Since Easter will be the gathering time for family and kids, we can improve a little bit on the topping of our Kulich. We can use chocolate chips, corn flakes, cherry chops, and messes. There are actually plenty size of Kulich from 100 gram to 1 kilogram back in its home country, but for our family gathering, small nice Kulich with Russian touch will be perfect for getaway from your boring Easter cake. Hope you like it!

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