Bedroom Ceiling Lights Ideas

Oct 14th

Bedroom ceiling lights come in a wide range of designs that can help you to turn your bedroom decoration style into an inviting space. To provide an ambient light in your bedroom space, ceiling light is necessary, and it is available in a wide range of styles and sizes. The ceiling lights in bedroom may be hanging or flush-mounted; it depends on the height of your ceiling and the size of your room or you may prefer to have recessed lighting for streamlined look.

Kind of Bedroom Ceiling Lights

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Flush-mount light comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Even in a small bedroom, you have to be able to find the attractive light that will work with your decor. If you are choosing a light of flush-mount design, you can choose between semi-flush-mount and close-flush-mount. A close-flush-mount fixture is placed on the ceiling directly, while a semi-flush light hangs down for several inches lower, leaving the airspace between the fixture and the ceiling. For the lower ceilings (below 8 feet), you will need to pick a fixture of close-flush-mount light. These are also a smart choice for master and closets bathrooms. For the ceiling heights of 9 up to 10 feet, you may consider a semi-flush-mount light.

Hanging light styles may be installed all over the bed (make sure that you have already allowed enough for head room) or on the either side of the bed for reading space. When you are installing it, keep the overall room design in your mind. The center of the bedroom space is not always the best place to give there a ceiling light. Instead, hanging the light in the bedroom center is the most crucial visual feature for the room. In your home, this bedroom ceiling lights feature will most likely be the bed.