Be Unique And Different With Cinderella Bed

Aug 18th

Cinderella bed is your solution when you are looking for unique bed. why choosing the cinderella one? everyone loves tale and cinderella is top fairy tale along with another princess story. In fact, the happy ending story with fairy touch makes this story adored by everyone from any age. If you like cinderella and want to have unique bed, the cinderella one is definitely your choice.

The Unique Of Cinderella Bed

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What is so special with this bed? if you ever watched cinderella story, then you must know than cinderella goes to the ball by beautiful cart. Imagine if this cart is your bed. you sleep in a beautiful pumpkin cart just like cinderella goes to the ball. There are a lot furniture store offering this uniqe bed. besides, the cart itself is designed in different ways, starts from adopting cart form and modified it with transparent cloth for ceiling.
This cart pumpkin bed also has some accessories such as stairs or even horse outside. The decoration for this bed is on the outside. Cinderella mostly wears blue clothes. Based on that, you can go with blue room decoration. How do you match your room theme with this cart pumpkin bed? you can decor your room just like outside view such as grass with beautiful blue sky. However, this bed also suits for any room decor. Just geth the bed which can fit in your room decor easily.

The more simple idea of cinderella bed is available either. You do not have to deal with pumpkin-bed form if you think it is too ridiculous and childish. You can just go with a princess look bed with cinderella bed cover. Indeed it does not really look like bed of cinderella yet it still represents cinderella. In conclusion, this bed theme is more likely fit for girls rather than boys.