Authentic Moroccan bedding

Aug 15th

Moroccan bedding is the bedding way that using Moroccan style. Morocco is one of the countries that are very famous for its authentic and ethnical style. You can find many furniture and decorations that using Moroccan style. Moroccan style is very noticeable so you can tell by the first look that certain furniture is using Moroccan design. In this article, we’re going to talk about some examples of the Moroccan style that you may found in the bed decorations of bedding things.

Pattern and Coloring Moroccan Bedding

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The first thing that you may notice from the Moroccan bedding style is the pattern. There are many ethnical patterns that you may found in Moroccan style. But the most popular one is the big sized flower-like pattern. The pattern has flower-like shape but it’s more complicated than the regular flower pattern and it has so many details. So many curve shapes and other unique shapes that only Moroccan style has. There are some small patterns too, but the one that dominating the design of bed cover or blanket is the big sized flower-like pattern.

You need to look properly on the coloring style from Moroccan style. In some of the products you may see a bright red theme Moroccan bed covers with the flower-like patterns. But in some others, you may see the calm pastel colors of Moroccan style blankets or pillows. This is the thing that makes Moroccan style special. You can choose your preference whether the bright one or the calm one. Moroccan style is rarely using dark colors, but they use bold colors like bold red or bold violet. Even if they use dark color such as black color, they’ll combine it with other bold or bright colors. It’s not weird to find the contrast color style from Moroccan style. That’s pretty cool right?