Are You Trapped in Peninsula Kitchen?

Oct 2nd

Peninsula Kitchen – is an iconic way to call the kitchen where the cooking-serving counter and the bar table are connected in one side which make it one way in and out from the kitchen. When you are alone inside the peninsula and cooking it seems easier that way, since the connection between counter and table gives you more storage space and makes everything in your reach. Yes, that is the perks of having peninsula kitchen, besides you will feel exact limit between cooking area and dining area.

Peninsula Kitchen won’t do the party

Really? Well, here you go. Imagine when you held a family dinner and kitchen is mostly the place everyone chit chat while enjoying a glass of wine in their hand. There are at least 5 persons in kitchen and you are in the end of the peninsula, now how would you reach a shake hand from someone who just walks in? Exactly! You are trapped in the end of the Peninsula, and the more people hang out, the more they feel trapped inside the kitchen, and then hang out in the kitchen is no longer favorable.

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So, how to deal with this dead end peninsula kitchen? See before, the peninsula connects the counter with table, so the easiest way is by making the connection is temporary, so you can install a handle on one side of the table and fold it up when you need more space in your kitchen, it will suddenly become Island Kitchen with two flows in and out. But when you need back your peninsula, stretch the connecting table and Viola! You have your table and counter connected as you can feel exclusively in your cooking area and everything you need to cook is in your reach away. Therefore, your counter will be so much functional.