Anywhere Chair by Pottery Barn Kids

Aug 12th

Anywhere chair – is the special chair for kids that designed by the designers in Pottery Barn Kids. This chair has the same design as the sofa chair that used in the living room. The designer was specially design this chair for kids as their own spots.

They can sit on the comfortable chair for play, reading a book, or just sit relax. We’ll talk about some of the chairs that sell by Pottery Barn. Since the model of the chair is the same, we’ll talk about the details of the design and some designs to decorate the chairs.

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Mini Anywhere chair

Now, let’s talk about the model of mini anywhere chair first. This chair has 28 inches wide, 22 inches deep and 22 inches high. The material that used for the chair’s cover is 100% pure cotton and they filled it with foam that contains 30% of soy-base materials. So you don’t have to worry about the safety and the comfortable state of the chair. This chair is also environmental friendly. Since this chair is made from cotton and foam, this chair is lightweight and easy to move. The kids can bring it to their room and then easily move it to the veranda. That’s why they use the word “anywhere”.

Another great thing about this chair is the fact that you can wash it since there is a zipper to put out the foam and clean the cotton cover. You just need to make sure that the foam is clean and if you need the foam, you need to contact certain number since it’s made in USA only. Now, let’s see the designs. There are ice skater design, crown design, metallic heart design, and many more. They use bright yet calm color such as blue velvet, pink velvet, lavender, and many more. You can buy this mini chair for US$129.