All about Window Trim Ideas

Sep 26th

Window trim ideas, while sometimes being overlooked, indeed offer massive impact to the room where they are applied. While the interior window trim can develop balance and better proportion, the exterior trim is viable to add interest. The trim itself may come from window casings, baseboards, paneling and wainscoting, and so on. The trim is simply the beautified frame of window. It outlines and uplifts the class of what’s to take you through: inside and outside.

Understanding the Types and Best Colors for Window Trim Ideas

There are 3 most basic types of window trim. The first is the trim built from wood. If you think that this material suits your taste, the most common wood species to work with are basswood, pine and poplar. The second is the trim built from MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard. This may cost you less than the first type, but we have to admit that MDF is pretty difficult to put rich finishes on. The third is the trim built from high-density polyurethane. Among the three, this one is the lightest in weight and cheapest in price. Fortunately, it’s easy to install and it comes in various patterns. Its durability is also what we love.
When we are talking about color treatment, there are also 3 ways for the window trim: same trim color with wall color, lighter trim color, and darker trim color. Each option has its own excellence. For example, trim with blending color with the wall paint offers fresh and unified space, lighter trim color (mostly white for any wall paint) is to enliven the mood, while the darker trim color (not just black or brown but darker shades of colors) is viable to show off modernity and uniqueness. Now, it’s your turn to pick the window trim ideas that meet your expectation and realize your own best window trim.

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