All about Vintage Bar Stools

Sep 11th

Vintage bar stools – are viable to be featured in nowadays homes and bars. You may wonder whether the vintage concept is suitable for places in this modern era. Apparently, the vintage stools can develop aesthetic atmosphere and flexibility to be combined with the other décor. The primary function of a stool sure is available in the vintage ones, and thus they are recommended if you want to achieve both functionality and aesthetic benefit.
Before talking much about the items, we’d better to know more about what exactly vintage bar stools are. These stools are also common to be called repro or reproduction vintage things because, we have to admit that, there’s just small chance to find the freshest vintage stools on these days’ markets. The materials can vary, and its signature shape includes footrest at the bottom.

5 Considerations to Select Vintage Bar Stools

You may let your intuition guide you during the shopping trip, but we encourage you to pay attention to these 5 considerations before finally making a decision on buying which vintage stools for you bar. The first is its height. Generally, bar stools are 30 to 34 inches high from the floor. Second is the position. This should be based on how exposed is the spot with the sunlight, because the bright seats are best for protected spot while muted seats are best for lit spot. Third is the design.

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You can determine the theme you want to pull out, so you can choose chrome or vinyl stools for retro feel, and wooden or floral stools for country feel. Fourth is the serviceability. Be with those that are sturdy and cleanable. Finally is the comfort. Check out its posture and try it if possible to realize how cozy the seat is, how supportive the backrest is, and so on. We wish you the best luck, then!