A Modern Kitchen Curtain for Perfection

Oct 2nd

Modern kitchen curtain – When you feel like having too much light in your kitchen and you are looking for something to soften it, then go for kitchen curtain. Once it comes for decoration, kitchen curtain also has functional purpose to give a little privacy in your dining area, or simply avoid too much light in your cooking space.
Coming as the part of kitchen, curtain mainly plays a role as decorating items and aesthetic booster in any type of room, particularly kitchen. Talking about the modern type of kitchen, we should look for the stylish modern kitchen curtain to be applied to our modern kitchen.

Picking pattern and color for modern kitchen curtain

It is not that difficult to choose the pattern and color for modern curtain. The length supposes to be half of the window’s height, if the window is placed by the sink. But with big window by the dining area, window height thin curtain will be nice.

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For modern kitchen curtain you can choose plain white, or broken white, thin curtain in order to suit it with the whole modern idea. But it is also not a crime to choose something flowery, lacey, or with motifs. The flowery curtain design shouldn’t be too obvious to see, it would be better to have series of small flowers printed on the curtain. Lacey curtain normally used as the inner curtain of thicker one outside. Put gradation of colors also nice as it is supporting the whole idea of kitchen. Long curtain with clear gradation of dark blue, blue, light blue, and white altogether in a vertical stand. Or maybe some pastel colors of pink, peach, soft orange, and a little yellow. Typical very calm and clean colors in one curtain would add more value to your stylish modern kitchen curtain. That will be nice try!