36 Inch Bathroom Vanity for the Medium Bathroom

Sep 22nd

36 inch bathroom vanity – is the vanity or it can be called as the cupboard in the bathroom having the size about 36 inch. This size is categorized as the medium size of the bathroom vanity since the bathroom vanity in this size is good for the medium size of the bathroom. As having been known that for the small bathroom, you have to put the right furniture, and also in the medium bathroom, you have to put the right furniture as well. Here, the best furniture for the medium bathroom is the bathroom vanity with the medium size.

How to choose the best 36 inch bathroom vanity?

If you want to own this bathroom vanity in your bathroom, what you have to do first is knowing well about your bathroom. After that, the next thing you can do is by knowing the theme of your bathroom. The theme of the bathroom, indeed, will help you to choose the best design for your vanity. If you have a minimalist bathroom, the nice choice of the bathroom vanity is designed in simple look. This design is commonly chosen because the bathroom will have a larger look. For the other theme like the traditional theme, you can choose the traditional design of the bathroom vanity such as the Asian design and so on.

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Not only the large of the bathroom and the theme of it, the other thing which you must consider in order to get the great 36 inch bathroom vanity, it is about the color of the vanity itself. For the most favorite color, there is the brown color which shows the natural look of the furniture. Then, the white vanity in the bathroom is good as well since it will add the cleaness look. Last, the dark color like black can be good for a medium bathroom too.