30 Inch Bathroom Vanity for Small Bathroom

Sep 23rd

30 inch bathroom vanity – is one of the sizes of the bathroom vanity that is offered nowadays. The idea to make this bathroom vanity in 30 inch is because of the small bathroom which has been created nowadays. As it is known that in this recent day, not all bathroom is designed in a big size, especially for the minimalist house, the bathroom is designed in small size. That is why the bathroom vanity which is needed is smaller than the ordinary one. Thus, for you who have such a small bathroom, you can choose this bathroom vanity for your room.

Kinds of 30 inch bathroom vanity

In a bathroom vanity, there will be several places to put the bathrooms stuffs. In this size of bathroom vanity, there are several drawers which have the function to put the small stuffs like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and so on. Besides the drawers, you can find the door in which inside it, there are the shelves to put the bigger stuffs such as towels. Then, for the design of the bathroom vanity, you can choose the minimalist design. In this design, you will find the simple design of the vanity, and it will help the bathroom to have a great look and avoid the messy look of the room.

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Moreover, if you are bored with the simple look of the bathroom vanity, you can choose the rustic design. Here, the old and unique look can be found as the great combination in the bathroom vanity. After that, the vintage look of the bathroom vanity can be good as well for the small bathroom. Then, talking about the 30 inch bathroom vanity color, you can choose the white color of you want to get such a clean look of the bathroom. Another color that maybe is chosen is the brown to show the natural color of wood.