3 Inspirational Ideas of Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Sep 30th

Kitchen ceiling lights – may be considered when you want to offer twist in the room. Not only beneficial to light the room up, they are also architectural, aesthetic works that are responsible to make massive difference to relatively small kitchen. Below, we have 3 different ideas about kitchen ceiling lights that will inspire you. The ceiling lights may not seem like general ones out there, but we believe you’ll love to have them.

3 Kitchen Ceiling Lights Sets that Are Unique

First, we pick the creation of Tara Searwright. While you may think that the concept ceiling lights have always been and will always be lighting fixtures installed to the ceiling alone, this is a fresher application. The designer made the ceiling painted in bright yellow, as a first trial to enhance the natural light in the room. At the end, a mounted, round lighting fixtures was put on the center to strengthen the brightness.
Second, we pick the creation of Rocco Borghese. Once you look at the picture, you know you get tempted, especially when something sparkling is really your taste. Go for a glow, said the designer. Thus, cluster lights were there above the dining table. The model of the ceiling was also concerned about very well, that was low-ish ceiling that only showed the globes of the lamps, not the ropes or wires.
Third, we pick the creation of Avocado Sweets Interior Designs. It’s time to go out of the box, so you need to try applying three pendants hung from the ceiling with different colors, sizes and length. This effect is best combined with colorful dining sets and earthy furniture. On the other hand, CG Design Studio preferred a rustic round pendant from wood with holes all over the object. Little lighting will be there to accompany you eating. We are sure you’ll be pleased.

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